The Navajo Nation now faces almost 9,000 coronavirus cases, and over 400 people have died.

As the pandemic continues to overwhelm our nation, it has unveiled and exacerbated the many inequities that marginalized groups endure every day.

Home to more than 170,000 people, the Navajo Nation spans over 27,000 square miles in a region that occupies parts of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The Navajo Nation has faced one of the highest COVID-19 case counts per capita to date. When up to 40% of the population does not have access to running water, following key guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus — regular hand washing — becomes impossible.

At PPE4ALL, we have been working with people living on reservations to supply them with large quantities of PPE. We have shipped to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, and are in the process of producing and sending face shields to the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund helps provide and deliver groceries and other necessities to people on the reservation, particularly the elderly (especially those raising their grandchildren), the immunocompromised and mobility impaired, single parents, and struggling families.

To help us continue to provide PPE to the Navajo Nation and other indigenous populations, please consider contributing to our cause at

We are losing people who are elders and who were carriers of our traditions and culture.

-Emma Robbins (Leader of DIGDEEP, a non-profit promotng water access)

We need your help as we continue to supply PPE across the country and world.