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We are connecting the supply and demand of PPE in the United States and abroad.

We all think we’re screwed. I know without any doubt that I’m going to lose colleagues. There’s just no way around it.
Kimberly Marsh, nurse at Westchester Medical Center (via The New York Times)
A constantly evolving situation.
Since the pandemic began in March, we have been providing PPE to our nation’s most vulnerable populations. We first distributed PPE to health care professionals in New York City hospitals. From there, we shifted our focus first to essential workers on the front lines, then to protesters as they gathered to stand against injustice, and again to prisons and Native reservations whose needs have been overlooked. Now, and always, we are filling requests for PPE for anyone who may need it. We strive to be a stabilizing force in this tumultuous time. As the pandemic continues to evolve, PPE4ALL intends to adapt with it.
PPE handed out in New York City.
I've learned how youth can mobilize to create a very powerful and helpful organization. It makes me feel empowered as I know that I can make a difference.
Andy Wu, PPE4ALL Volunteer
3D Printed Headbands and filters from above
The need for PPE.
COVID-19 is transmitted person-to-person through droplet transmission. This is why health care workers and people coming within six feet of one another need PPE to keep themselves and their families safe. PPE includes face masks, face shields, gowns, shoe covers, safety glasses, and nitrile gloves, all of which can prevent the spread of virus-containing droplets. We have also supplied gallons of hand sanitizer to various organizations. With the widespread distribution of a vaccine still months away, we must learn to live with this virus and still keep our communities safe. This starts by wearing face masks and making them readily available for all. Help us on our mission to make this a reality.
Our labor has been considered essential. Our health has been considered negotiable and our lives are considered expendable.
Seth Rosenberg, a MTA subway operator (via The Guardian)
Our future.
While we had hoped that the dire need for PPE would have subsided in a few months, we recognize that this virus is still far from being contained. This pandemic, similar to the many systemic inequities present in the United States, does not affect everyone equally. Indigenous people, essential workers, Black and Brown communities, the immunocompromised, and other marginalized groups that continue to be neglected need our help to protect them and their loved ones. What started out as a handful of students with an idea has grown into a bustling, intricate network of motivated individuals coming together to have a profound impact. As the pandemic and the needs of all affected continue to evolve, PPE4ALL is committed to evolving with, and for, communities across the country. We strive to support our communities, and we will need your help to do so—our network is our greatest advantage.
PPE4ALL volunteers assembling face shields at Red Maple Vineyard.
Your support will help us keep our stockpiles of supplies full, deploy staff and volunteers to feed families, provide extra transportation to those that need help getting to grocery stores or medical facilities, and provide relief to those struggling with rent and bills, and to our neighborhood small businesses who are closing their doors. On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, thank you.
PPE Recipient Hudson River Housing in Poughkeepsie, NY

We need your help as we continue to supply PPE across the country and world.