Protecting Protestors

Supporting the ongoing protests surrounding racial injustice.

PPE For Protestors

As the death of George Floyd shocks and angers the nation, Americans across the country are demanding justice for his death and others killed by police brutality. These large gatherings pose a high risk of spreading COVID-19 among those assembled, potentially affecting the safety of their loved ones and other members of the community. PPE4ALL is committed to producing and distributing face shields in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect those assembling.

We will be distributing surplus face shields to people gathering across New York City in the coming week. These face shields will limit the spread of the virus among those assembled, thus protecting the protesters, their families, and New York City as a whole. A separate fund for this initiative has been created and is being used to supply this PPE.

Visit our GoFundMe for the cause.

For Press Inquiries, reach out here.

We need your help as we continue to supply PPE across the country and world.